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tv   The Early Show  CBS  December 13, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. jerry sandusky goes to court with at least five men who will testify today that the former penn state defensive coordinator sexually abused them. we will have a live report from the courthouse. president obama wants to extent the payroll tax cut, but now he's threatening to veto a republican plan that would do just that. find out what else is in that bill and why the democrats don't like it. with the last u.s. troops leaving iraq this month, we'll have former vice president dick cheney if he thinks the u.s. won the war and what he thinks will happen next. and the russian billionaire who owns an nba team says he'll challenge strong man vladimir putin in next year's election. we'll hear what makhali
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prokohrav told "60 minutes" on we'll hear what makhali prokohrav told "60 minutes" on this tuesday, december 13th. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everyone. i'm jeff glor. >> i believe it is. you said december 13th and i realized we're only 12 days from christmas. >> the countdown is on, baby. good morning. >> lots to get to this morning. we begin with morning with the swrarry sandusky story. he's in court this morning facing his accuser. >> also testifying this morning, the fellow football coach who claims he saw sandusky raping one of those boys. armann katain is at the courthouse in bellefonte, pennsylvania. >> reporter: the purpose of today's hearing is rather
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simple, for the judge to determine that there is probable cause that a crime has been committed. a decision will almost certainly come by tend of the day. jerry sandusky is expected to show up at the hearing with his wife of 45 years, dottie, at side, along with other family members. his attorney said sandusky is, quote, dreading the experience. >> he isn't looking forward to it, his wife isn't looking forward to it, his kids aren't looking forward to it, but it's a necessary part of the process because squarery maintains he's innocent. >> cbs news has learned at least foovt of the accusers will testify. one of those victims will be questioned about a shower incident with sandusky that sparked an investigation in 1998. howard janet representatives
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victim number six. >> can anybody ever be ready to testify in a public setting when the subject matter involves something as personal as sexual abuse? he's as ready as anybody can be. >> cbs has learned former penn state coach mike mcqueary, now on administrative leave, is also expected to testify. mcqueary is a key witness for the prosecution. having told the grand jury that in 2002, he saw a naked boy, estimated to be 10 years old, being raped in a locker room shower. the hearing is just one round in vary long fight. >> it provides the defendant with an opportunity to face his accusers, to test their credibility down the road. >> no cameras will be allowed inside the county courthouse and security is expected to be tight. but senior judge robert scott is allowing the 90 media members assigned seats inside the court
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to send text messages, e-mails and tweets. about 100 seats will be available for the general public on a first come first served basis. if judge scott determines there is sufficient evidence for trial, which is a virtual certainty, sandusky will be formerly arraigned and enter a plea. jeff. >> haarmen, i know you'll be inside that courtroom, but this is primarily a day for the prosecutor, correct? >> absolutely. they're going to put on the witnesses, try to convince the judge there is sufficient evidence for a trial. as for amendola, he told us this is a fact-finding mission for him. he's looking for inconsistencies, something he can say in the courtroom use for discovery when discovery eventually begins in this case. now to political and the battle over extending a payroll tax cut the. today, the republican-controlled house of representatives is expected to approve a plan to keep that tax cut in place.
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>> i do believe it's going to pass with bipartisan support. and when it comes to jobs, the american people can't wait. >> president obama is threatening to veto the bill if it reaches his desk. we'll we're going to bring in senior correspondent bill plante. why would the president veto this bill if it has the agreement of both parties? >> it's more of the back and forth that you get when one house is at odds with the other and the white house. the house and senate are ping-ponging different versions of the bill back and forth is here is what the bill that the house will pass today does. it extends the payroll tax break at its current level, not at the increased level that the president wants. it extends long-term unemployment benefits, but not for as long as the white house would look. and it fixes the doctor reimbursement rate for medicare.
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but here is the thing. here is the real problem. the house bill would force the approval of the keystone pipeline from canada to texas. it's a construction project which the president has effectively the put on hold past the election because because of objections by environmentalists by sending it back for further review. and the president has said that he would reject a bill with the pipeline provision in it. reject means veto if it passed and came to him. >> yeah. it's certainly a very contentious project, obviously. you have jobs, energy, the environment all wrapped up in that project. bill, what are the chances that a deal gets done between president and the congress before they're supposed to go on break this week? >> probably not by the week's end. the leadership in both houses has told members that they are likely to be in session this weekend. the senate will probably vote on the bill which the house is expected to pass today just to
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show that it can't pass the senate with the pipeline provision in it. then sometime later this week or this weekend, two houses will get down to figuring out how to pass the payroll tax cut, unemployment insurance and the medicare fix. but there's one question that still hangs over this. if there is no tax on billionaires, how does it all get paid for? and that is the question, bill, that we continue to ask and i think we've seen this one play out just a handful of times already this year. >> bill, thank you very much. >> appreciate it. meanwhile, the republican presidential race is getting very personal. suddenly a very aggressive battle now between newt gingerich and mitt romney. >> both men went on the offensive yesterday where gingerich is challenging romney's lead. good morning, nancy. good morning, jeff and rebecca. republican leaders are worried that this particular fight could end up hurting whoever wins the
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nomination. because these two men are going after each other over the millions that they earned in the private sector. romney started it early in the day saying gingerich should give back the money he made consulting with freddie mac. >> he said $300,000, and he was there as a historian. that would make his the highest paid historian in history. >> despite pledging not to go negative, gingerich's action was swift, going directly at romney's leadership at bain capital. >> i would just say that if governor romney would like to give back all the money he's earned from bankrupting companies and laying off employees over his years at bain, that i would be glad to then listen to him. >> romney used his response to that to reinforce his credentials as a businessman. >> doesn't he understand how the economy works? some businesses succeed, some
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fail. and the four enterprises i led were all successful. >> reporter: romney was still leading in new hampshire on monday. but he acknowledged what the polls show, that gingerich is a front-runner in many places and that this could be a long battle. >> this process of nomination takes, what, five, six months from here? this is not going to be decided in just a couple of contests. >> reporter: gingerich was only too happy to adegree with romney's assessment of his new status. congressman ron paul has been going after the speaker with some the of the harshest attack ads of the campaign. >> newt gingerich, this guy hasn't got skeletons in his closets, he has a whole graveyard in there. >> it's about serial hip okaysy. >> reporter: gingerich is sending a letter to his top staffers and supporters today reiterating his intense to stay
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positive. he says he doesn't want any negative ads, so he reserves the right to fight back when he gets hit first, like he was yesterday. >> is that his way out? he says he'll stay positive, but if romney stays negative there, it seems hard to believe that he wouldn't engage. >> right. and as you can see, these fights end up going on and on and on and after a while it gets hard to say who threw the first punch and who threw the second punch. plus, you have so many outside groups, you can outsource the negative campaigning. >> outsourcing the negative campaigning. nancy cordes, thank you very much. we'll see you soon. on monday, secretary of state hillary clinton called it reassuring that russia's president promises to investigate charges of election
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fraud. >> russia's former president is the focus of voter anger. charlie daget is in moscow with more. >> good morning. right now, president medvedev is meeting with new members of parliament and he has his work cut out for him. supporters of vladimir putin made hr voices heard on monday. the russian president medvedev says there will be an investigation into widespread complaints of vote fraud that led to mass demonstrations, but there won't be another election. he lost 20% of seats and russia is in a state of political uncertainty for the first time in a long time. the next real test for putin is
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presidential elections in march, where he's making a bid to return to the position e held from 2000 to 2008. russian laws forbid him from running for three consecutive terms. so he stepped by to led medvedev to step in. but the he remains the front-runner, but his weakened stance has emboldened opposition can the candidates. it's little surprise russians are skeptical free and fair elections can be held at all. i'm not sure about fair and free elections, she says, but there does need to be an investigation. unlike in the united states where presidential campaigns can run for a year or more, this one here in russia will only last for three months. more candidates have been stepping forward to challenge putin by the day. >> charlie, thanks. now we turn to debbie turner bell at the news desk with a check off other headlines. >> good morning, guys. two army helicopters crashed
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during a training mission southeast of seattle, washington. the chopper was based at lewis-mcchord army base. it is not clear if the aircraft collided or went down separately. and a texas middle school was locked down after two students were shot, apparently by hunters. the sheriff in edinburgh says the shots may have been fired from pastures near the school. one boy is critical and the other is in stable condition. three hunters are being questioned. investigators are determining whether the shooting was accidental or intental. police moved in on an occupy wall street campaign this morning. they held out for months. the raiders started about 3:30 a.m. and appeared to go peacefully. after a day of marchs and a conflict at ports along the west coast, occupy protesters say
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this morning they'll keep trying to disrupt port operations. overnight, marchers blocked an entrance to the port of seattle and police responded with pepper spray. seattle police arrested 11 protesters. one officer was injured. and the occupy protesters in oakland, california, appeared to have had the most success. 1,000 or more marched to the port yesterday. union dock workers were told to stay home and truckers couldn't make deliveries. about a dozen big rigs were involved in a chain reaction accident in los angeles. the pile up on a rain-slicked freeway north of los angeles created a massive traffic jam last night. four people suffered minor injuries. and in the mountains near l.a., heavy snow started falling last night, causing big problems for drivers in the higher elevations. before it ends, there could be more than a foot of snow on the ground. hope those guys are ready.
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no still ahead this morning, former vice president dick cheney is in studio talking about the withdrawal from iraq and the republican race for the white house. and the latest from the florida a&m hazing scandal, we'll tell you about three arrests as the university try toes break a wall of silence over the issue. this is "the early show" on cbs.
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a moment ago, we mentioned those protests in russia against prime minister vladimir putin. now one of russia's richest men is ready to run against him in next year's election. >> and for the story on that, we turn to charlie in moscow. >> this may be a name more recognizable to nba fabs in the united states, nba new jersey jets owner mikhail prokhorov put his name into the hat. he was the subject of an interview last december. >> for me, wife and business in -- >> if you could afford to do anything, would you do this? and hire a production company to put it to music? how about this? maybe not. but mikhail prokhorov is always
7:20 am
looking for a risk. >> do you like danger? >> i like controlled risk. >> by now, moscow's richest men is an adrenaline junky. you will also notice that he is quite tall, 6'8" to be exact as he trains here with his personal kickboxing partner who is the coach of the russian national team. >> i am addicted to sport. without sport, i feel bad. in this case, it's some kind of drug. >> how much time do you spend working out every day? >> two hours. two hours, i have my workout. >> reduces stress? >> i like to be in stress. >> you like it? >> it's my competitive advantage. >> prokhorov announced his candidacy last night, and everybody was shocked, including
7:21 am
journalists were shocked. is he a serious contender? only time will tell. jeff and rebecca. >> all right. thank you. and after nearly knife years of war, u.s. troops will be out of iraq by the end of this month. >> coming up here this morning, we're going to speak with former vice president dick cheney about the future of iraq. we'll talk about the gop race for the white house. stick around. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ♪ write "you're pretty." you're pretty! ♪ i think he hurt his tibia. what's a tibia? [ female announcer ] cards are not for sending. ♪ they're for bringing us together. this holiday, select cards come postage-paid.
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welcome back to "the early show." i'm rebecca jarvis with jeff glor. >> good morning. >> good morning and good morning to you. coming up, former vice president dick cheney is here with us. >> a lot to talk about, including the u.s. troops pulling out of iraq this month. there he is. and the republican race for the white house. >> but first, a new hazing case has surfaced involving florida a&m university's marching back three weeks after hazing allegedly led to a drum major's death. and last night, there was an arrest beating of a young woman. >> reporter: investigators say it was a brutal hazing ritual.
7:31 am
three members of the band allegedly beat a female running mate with their fits and a ruler to initiate the freshman into an organization called the red dog order. the beatings were so severe, they broke the victim's thigh bone. >> if the students who i suspended from the band have been terminated from the university or suspended from the university, it may have set a strong message. >> reporter: a little over a week later, band director dr. julian white suspended 26 band members for their suspected involvement in that beating and one other. and he alerted add men straighters about those hazing incidents before the band left for its biggest performance of the year, the florida classic in orlando. white says school administrators failed to discipline students any further. >> did i make those recommendations? yes, i did. were they followed? for the most part, no. >> reporter: on november 19th, hours after that performance, drum major robert champion was
7:32 am
found unresponsive on a band bus. he later died and investigators believe hazing was involved. his death and now the arrests have exposed a hazing culture that has haunted florida a&m for over a decade. the school has suspended performances by the marching 100 indefinitely. and last week, the board of trustees reprimanded university president james hammond for his handling of the crisis. police are continuing their investigations into the alleged hazing incident. and the state's university system has called for a special investigation into actions taken by the university. anna wernor, cbs news, atlanta. >> place say one of the latest suspects in this incident sent a text message apologizing to the victim. good morning to you. cbs news has learned at least five of jerry sandusky's alleged
7:33 am
victims will testify at a preliminary hearing this morning. sandusky, the former penn state assistant football coach is charged with more than 50 counts of sexual abuse. the hearing is to determine if there is enough evidence to send the case to trial. and an employment outlook survey out this morning suggests likely improved prospects for job seekers in the first quarter of 2012. it projects a 9% positive outlook compared to 7% in the current quarter. and in flagstaff, arizona, snow is falling this morning. the weather service says they could get up to a foot before it ends. a winter storm warning is in full effect until
7:34 am
up next here, former vice president dick cheney. >> he was a key supporter of the war in iraq and we will find out what he thinks about the end of the war. this is "the early show" on cbs. we're the wassman family from skagway, alaska. happened to come across quicken loans online. [ chris ] quicken loans constantly kept us updated and got us through the process twice now. quicken loans is definitely engineered to amaze. they were just really there for us. - this is for cindy. i wanted to get her something special this year. - you went to kay. she'll love it.
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in washington monday, president obama said u.s. troops in rook are leaving with owner and their heads held high. the president iraqi prime minister mall key placed a wreath at arlington national cemete cemetery's tomb of the unknown. >> joining us now to talk about iraq and other issues is former vice president dick cheney, author of "my time, a personal and political memoir." mr. cheney, good morning. >> good morning. >> i wanted to start by talking about iraq and nuri al maliki.
7:38 am
there were talks that he's trying to consolidate power. is this to be expected? >> i don't know the details now the way i used to when i was in the loop with the intelligence reports and so forth. i think the iraqis have yet to organize themselves the way they want to organize themselves. they're a sovereign state and that's partly what the struggle is all about. but i think they've made major progress. they've written a constitution, they've had a lot of elections. they have a democracy established. it's not perfect by any means. but they're clearly much better off than when saddam hussein was in charge. >> but do you see them taking a step back before they take it a step forward? >> i'm concerned. the thing that bothers me the most is when we negotiate the status agreements, part of that was that the bulk of the forces would leave at the end of this
7:39 am
year. but part of it was that there was going to be a separate track, a separate negotiation for stay-behind force, 50,000 or 20,000 troops that would be there to provide security. there's still 16 thoes americans in iraq and that they would be there for training purposes and so forth. those negotiations began in august, but they were broken off in october. the deal was never done. >> given they're not present, how concerned are you, then, about iran's influence over the region? >> i'm concerned about iran not only because of what they've attempted for years to try to do in iraq, but also because they're aggressively pursuing nuclear weapons. and at the same time, it looks like the united states is coming out of iraq, we're significantly reducing our presence in afghanistan. it looks like the iranians are significantly expanding their influence at the expense of u.s. >> how close do you think iran is to a nuclear weapon? >> very close. >> romney said if this president continues the, b that they will get one. do you agree with him? >> i don't see anything that's been done by this administration
7:40 am
that's going to stop that program. >> you've been critical of the administration for the response to the downed drone, the fact that there wasn't an air strike in iran to basically abolish this thick and get it out of their hands. would not, though, an air strike on iran have poeshtly led us into a war with them? >> well, if you look at what iran has done over the years, they've been prime backers of hamas, the bombing in the marine barracks in beirut in 1983 and cost us 241 american lives. it's not as though they haven't already committed acts that some people would say come close to being acts of war. for us to go in and take out the drone that crashed would have been, i think, a fairly simple operation and it would have denied them the value of the intelligence they can collect by having that aircraft. but the administrative basically limited itself to saying, please give it back and the iranians said no.
7:41 am
>> what happens to this technology now? the iranians give it to china, they reverse engineer it, the iranians could give it back to us -- >> presumably, they'll study it. they'll try to reverse engineer it. somebody else may be able to take this and try to build an equivalent system they can use against it. it has stealth capability built into it. it's a significant loss of intelligen intelligence. with the economy being front and center, do you think the gop is taking the iranian threat seriously enough in this election? >> i haven't seen them do anything yet that is going to inhibit the iranian program. they continue to be actively and aggressively pursuing nuclear weapons. that's a terrible proposition, i believe, to have the terrorist sponsoring state like iran, one of the world's worst regimes in effect spending enormous amounts to build the capacity to have a nuclear weapon. i think their efforts to try to dominate that part of the world,
7:42 am
persian gulf and all those areas around it, we have a lot of great friends over there, people have been good allies of ours over the years who are scared to death that the iranians are going to end up loose. former vice president dick cheney, stick around. your daughter will join us when we come back. stick around.
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sears real big gift sale is on now. save 50-60% off clothing for everyone on your list. and incredibly low prices on fleece activewear, only $9.99. plus, get coupons at for over $100 in extra savings on top of already low sale prices. sears. we are back with former vice president dick cheney. joining us now is his daughter, republican consultant liz cheney, his daughter. liz, i want to start with you r off with you because we left things off talking about the presidential election. we've been seeing things get more dirty on the republican side. you have romney telling gingerich give back that freddie mac money. on top of that, you have gingerich saying, all those monies you earned at bain, you should give that back. what do you think about all this mudslinging? is it a smart move to the gop?
7:46 am
>> i think it's pretty standard. we're getting down to the first votes before the iowa caucus. i think it's to be expected that people would start aggressively going after each other. i feel good about the fact that we're in a place now where it looks like we're going to have a real contest between newt gingerich and mitt romney. we've got some other great candidates, as well, with rick santorum and michele bachmann. >> how long before the race is settled? a while ago, we were saying if romney wins iowa, it's over in early january. that doesn't seem to be the case now. >> i think it's terrific that people have been paying so much attention. people have really been able to take the measure of these candidates and the american people are very focused, it seems, on the substance of these debates, which i think is good for the nation. >> and remember, we haven't had a single coat cast yet. >> are you surprised it's gotten -- because both campaigns seemed to make a conscious choice yesterday, we're going to get aggressive.
7:47 am
surprising that happened so early, or no? >> well, they've been working at it for a long time. the race started about as early as any i can remember. i don't find it all that surprising. i've been involved in a lot of campaigns over the years and this is one is no different than those others. >> you called gingerich is tenacious leader. then you have all this other leadership, boehner,co burn not stepping out and supporting him as positively one might expect. do you think he has the substance and the ability to get to the election without that republican support? >> well, we'll see what happens. when i look at newt, i see somebody who has a wealth of experience. i think the same thing is true of mitt romney. they've got a lot more experience than barack obama had when he ran for president. he had been a relatively undistinguished state senator in illinois. and then all of a sudden, he's the president of the united states.
7:48 am
the situation with mitt and newt, they have had a lot of experience running states. newt was the first republican speaker of the house in who years. so there's a lot of substance there that i think is very positive. >> the debates, there have been a good number of them as you know already. and they've gotten aggressive, as well. we talk about this. typically they're all speaking and they've gotten their pot shots in. i remember the debates between you and joe lieberman, what, 10, 11 years ago now. which seems seemed extraordinarily civil and calm and productive one might say based on what's happening today. does the debate format need to change at all? >> what joe and i did, first of all, we liked each other and we knew each other. both of us talked about it later and we compared notes. we were ready to get down and dirty if we wanted to. what we ended up with i think is one of the best debates over in terms of a lot of exchange of views and ideas.
7:49 am
we had a standing ovation from the audience when we finished. >> liz, at this point in things, what's more electable for the gop, a washington outsider or somebody who is per sioux received as an insider who has been around for a long time? >> well, i think that the republican party really has a range of candidates who have put forth the notion that the private sector is the range of the economy, barack obama's record is abysmal both on foreign policy and on economic policy. so i think any of these people that end.with our nomination are going to be in a better position to take the oval office than barack obama. >> all right. we have to leave it there. >> i wish we had more time, but we don't. >> it's a great book, let me say. it's a wonderful book. >> we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show." oh boy... i used our slate card with blueprint. we can design our own plan to avoid interest by paying off diapers and things each month. and for the bigger stuff, we can pay downalance faster to save money on interest. bigger? bigger.
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and welcome back, everyone, to "the early show." it's tuesday morning. i'm jefr glor along with rebecca jarvis. two yea "young adult" is getting a lot of oscar buzz. it stars charlize theron. i talked to a buddy who said this was the best movie he saw all year. >> really? >> yes. is he a reliable source? >> generally speaking, he is a good reliable source. >> so "diabol cody" is coming up very soon. plus, this is a great year
8:01 am
for electronic gadgets. you might want to keep these in mind while you go holiday shopping. we're going to take a look at some of the not so successful tech items that didn't quite catch on with the public. >> yes. but first here this morning, an update on tyler clementi. before he left for college, he told his mother he was gay and felt he was friendless. >> michelle miller recently talked with his parents about their loss and their efforts to make something good come of it. michelle, good morning. >> good morning to you. it's taken more than a year for joseph and jane clementi to speak publicly about their son, tyler. the rutgers student didn't leave any explanation for why he took his life. but the clementis are devoting their lives to trying to prevent other parents from suffering their pain.
8:02 am
>> he was a musician. he was a lot of fun to have around the house. >> he had a very good sense of humor. >> joe and jane clementi thought they knew everything they should about their son, tyler. >> it was before he was leaving for school. and he just pretty much told me, mom, i'm gay. and i was really, really surprised, very, very surprised. >> while the clementis processed that surprise, tyler began college at rutgers where he roomed with 19-year-old derron robbie. robbie is accused of using a web cam to secretly stream video of a sexual encounter between clem menty and another man. >> we don't know why tyler committed suicide. all we know is the alleged invasion of his privacy and how he reached out to the ras and how he texted a friend that he was upset by that. that's all we know. >> are you angry at mr. robbie?
8:03 am
we're just overly sad by the whole situation. >> for me, it's not anger, it's really more heartbreaking. >> robbie faces up to ten years in prison. but we're looking forward to justice and accountability. it doesn't have to be a harsh punishment, but acknowledgement of wrongdoing. >> do you want him to apologize? >> that's a very tough question. it's certainly would be welcomed. i'm not expecting it and i don't really foresee it in the future. >> it makes no difference to me. i'm not expecting one. >> reporter: what the clementis do hope for is a change in a culture that breeds intolerance. >> when i was growing up, if a couple of kids called you a name, maybe the class heard about it and that was the end of it. now the world hears about it and that's the power of the internet. >> the clementis recently started a foundation to owner their son, hoping to decrease
8:04 am
the suicide rate among gay and lesbian teens. study he shows teens who are homosexual are seven times more likely to commit suicide. >> we realize that there is no other feeling that is worse than the loss of a child. we don't want parents to have to have the same kind of experience that we've had. >> what would tyler say about what you two are doing right now? >> oh, i think he would be very proud. i think he would be very happy as to what we're doing. and, you know, my only wish is that, you know, i wish he was here to help us do it. >> he enjoyed giving and he was very generous and he would love to see something good come out in the end. >> a judge ruled in the case that tyler's suicide had nothing to do with the charges against derron robbie, but robbie faces 15 counts of criminal charges that include invasion of privacy and bias intim the addition which is a hate crime. his trial date is set for
8:05 am
february 21st. >> and they think things have changed? >> oh, gosh, they wish things could change more rapidly. you know, they see the before their son came out, life before their son came out, life after their son came out. and it's -- you know, they're in their 50s, 60s. life was very difficult for them before. they saw things very differently and now they are trying to help other people be more tolerant. they want people to live and let live. >> sean miller, thank you very much. appreciate it. appreciate it. thank you. now we turn to debbie turner bell at the news desk. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky faces his accusers at a political hearing this morning. sandusky arrived at the courthouse this morning. he's charged with more than 50 counts of child sex abuse involving ten boys. at least five of his accusers are expected to testify today. sandusky's lawyer says his
8:06 am
client is dreading the testimony. >> he's going to have to sit in a courtroom with a couple hundred people, i understand it's going to be filled to capacity, including members of his family and friends who are going to listen to some of these young men say horrific things occurred between him and jerry. >> the purpose of the hearing is to decide if there is enough evidence to bring the case against sandusky to trial. now to politics, newt gingerich got a warm welcome at a town hall event. >> new hampshire last night. he vowed to run a positive campaign, not critical of other republicans, because he doesn't want to, quote, weaken anybody who might defeat president obama. mitt romney didn't mention gingerich during an appearance at a fund-raiser in new jersey last night, but he has been painting the former speaker of the house as the ultimate washington insider who worked as a lobbyist to make millions. and earlier, romney was campaigning in new hampshire. it was supposed to be a made for tv photo-op. the candidate and a vietnam
8:07 am
veteran sitting down at a comfortable booth in a kwan, manchester diner, but the vet, 63-year-old bob garren, happens to be gay. garren asked romney if he supported efforts to repeal the new hampshire laws that legalize same-sex marriage. romney said he did. >> i believe marriage is between a man and a woman. >> you do not believe that everyone is entitled to their constitutional rights? >> no, actually, i think -- >> i think you're -- >> i think at the the constitution was written, it was pretty clear that marriage is between a man and a woman and i don't believe the supreme court has changed that. >> governor, we have to get -- >> no, i gave you the answer. >> have a good day, governor. >> you said you had a yes-or-no question and i gave you an answer. >> you did. and i learned something and new hampshire is right. you have to look a man in the eye to get a good answer. and you know what, governor? good luck. >> thank you. appreciate it. have a good day to you, sir. >> wow.
8:08 am
gerron incidentally was sitting across from his husband. they up next, charlize theron plays a prom queen who never grew up in the movie "young adult." >> and "diablo cody" is coming up next. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. wanted to visit us... all because so many peope
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the writer of "juneau" is back with another screenplay. this time, oscar winner diablo cody is teaming up in "young adult." it also stars charlize theron. she tries to win back her now married boyfriend who is played by patrick wilson. >> here is that book for your niece. >> oh, yeah, thanks for remembering. i'll send it to her. >> there is a character on that one that's based on you. >> what? >> in the book. i mean, i named him ashby that it's so blatantly you. when you read it, it will be obvious. >> hope he's cool. >> we're not even supposed to do that. we're supposed to stick to this character bible. >> nice to see you again. >> you, too. >> diablo cody, good morning.
8:13 am
>> hi. how are you? >> we should say you're back, but you've never went away. you've been busy. >> would have been working, yeah. >> this is an unusual movie, to say the least. it's certainly a bad girl. >> she's a bad girl. while it does have its touching moments, i think it's a dark comedy, as well. it's kind of challenging in some ways. >> the inspiration came from where? >> i myself, i had written a couple movies about teenagers. "juno" being one of them. and i wondered, what is it about a person that would drive them to live in an adolescent world, creatively. and from that, the character of mavis was born. and i thought, i would make her the most stunted, immature person ever. >> charlize goes back and she figures out he's married. she clearly doesn't give up at that point. >> no, she doesn't. she continues to pursue him, which is obviously a real self-deproductive move. >> which maybe she's looking for. >> yeah. in a way, i think it is ma
8:14 am
masochistic. she continues to pursue it. >> going to a rock concert with an old flame. i think there's a chance we may recontest. >> let's show him what he's been missing. >> no. he's seen me recently. he knows. but his wife hasn't seen my. >> working with jason reitman. how did that come about? >> i'm so lucky to work with him again. he's one of my favorite people ever. i had written the script and i had just asked for his professional opinion about it because we had obviously kept in in touch after "juno." he read it and told me he wanted to direct it. so we got to reunite. >> naz to charlize theron, you had patton on hswald. >> he's an amazing actor. he gives an incredible
8:15 am
performance. >> he's done some drama, but now maybe doing a little bit more. >> yes. >> the united states of tara, now over after three seasons. >> unfortunately. >> which was very cool, as well. what is next for you? >> well, i'm going to direct, actually. so that's my next plan. i'm a little -- i'm nervous about it and i'm excited. >> do we have any details on that? >> it's an unusual story. it's about a young girl who is very sheltered and very nigh ear. she decides to go out and explore the world and starts in vegas. so -- >> what movie screenplay that you didn't write do you wish you had written? >> all of them. i get script -- >> not a one? >> i get script envy all the time. i wish i had written "the graduate." >> not a bad one to pick. diablo cody, good to see you. "young adult" opens nationwide
8:16 am
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tech gadgets seem to come and go. tough to figure out which ones to buy, especially around the holidays. which is why we have cnet. >> that's our sister website. they have a list of their favorites and forgettables for 2011. bridget carey is joining us now. the three favorites of 2011 that are leading tech into the future. >> here is one that we've all heard about. the new iphone 4s.
8:19 am
it's got a good camera and good hardware inside. but what makes it on the list is that voice controlled technology, the personal assistant. and it's going to be opening a new wave of technology where we're all talking to our devices. >> jeff totally flunked his theory. >> i did, but i flunked the taunt the tech feature where you can speak into the phone. >> and it's only getting better. >> i'm speak, bridget right now. what do you think of this interview? >> i'm still jealous. >> it's very addictive to play with. what else? >> we have the new kindle. everyone talks about the amazon kindle. what makes this so interesting is now you have an ereader that's under $ 100. but now it's available for under $80. it's accessible to anyone now. what's more interesting is this box you might not have known about. it's called the roku. >> i have roku. matt, my fiancee has roku at
8:20 am
home and he loves it. and basically, if you have an internet streaming service, you buy the roku for 50 bucks and you can watch it on your tv instead of being hunched over your computer screen. >> that's the kindle 2011 not the kindle fire. which has had some issues. >> yeah. >> but this is the kindle 2011. >> right. that's your basically ereader. >> what's that? >> the forgettables, the ones that just came out and were forgotten. let's start with the motorola zoom. here is a tablet that when it came out, we ought thought, here we go, the ipad 2 competitor is here. and it was more expensive than the ipad 2 and people didn't really feel the need to buy it. also, it said it was 4g ready, but then you had to take it back to the store in a couple months to get that 4g. and then there's also a blockbuster movie pass. now, in september, blockbuster was going to come out with a big
8:21 am
netflix competitor, we thought. and then when we came out, it was only four dishnetwork subscribers and cost $10 a month. and it just ended up being an add on to your description for your television service. people want something separate. so that flopped. >> nintendo had a flop. oh, sorry. >> think through that. but they have the netflix thing going for them. they had the bad press surrounding netflix. they probably thought, hey, we're going to come out with this. >> it would have been so easy for them to sweep up on that bad press of netflix. >> one more? >> yeah. the nintendo 3ds. this is the nintendo portable system. everyone thought, oh, yeah, 3d, isn't it great. but the public didn't response. it started out $250. quickly dropped its price to $170. and people are unsure if they want to get 3d now. they worry if it's good for their kids' eyes. it works good. there's a lot of good games on
8:22 am
here. >> do you have to wear special glasses when you use it? >> no. it works close up, your eyes do the trick for you. >> so much press around the 3d notion from the tv sets to now the nintendo. >> do you want to play some mario? >> oh, yeah, i'll play that during the break. bridget carey, thanks. we appreciate it. koupg, women doing everything from business to boxing. >> it is quite a change from the days of the taliban. stick around, you're watching "the early show." [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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welcome back to "the early sho show". i'm rebecca jarvis with jeff xwlor. good morning. >> good morning. >> when you ask your wife, hey, hon, i would like something for christmas, does she ever say it's hard to shop for you, jeff? >> yeah, she can, i think. >> it can be very difficult to find the right gift for a guy. we have some great gift ideas for you this morning, everything from fashion to sports, of course, food, everybody loves food. and by the way, there are multiple kinds of bacon. >> what was that? >> there are lots of different types of bacon and maybe one of them is right for your guy. >> bacon freak. >> yeah. especially iffite he's a bacon freak. i don't know what that is, but anyway -- >> what's even more special is
8:31 am
all the gifts cost less than 100 bucks. >> that's good. coming up. one of the most famous shoe designer el in the world is celebrating 100 years in the business. stuart weitzman is one of the most famous designers in the world. >> they're comfortable. >> so you like these shoes, b essentially? >> i'm a fan. >> he sells more than 2 million pairs of shoes a year. but he says he may retire soon. >> katrina szish will talk to him about she's, which he insists is a hobby. women in the taliban couldn't work outside the home or get an education. >> more than ten years later, the taliban are no longer running the country and two women are trading in burkas for boxing gloves. >> this 18-year-old and
8:32 am
17-year-old sister are perhaps the ultimate underdogs. they train in a gym with broken mirrors and few punching bags as they prepare for the fight of their lives. the 2012 olympicic games in london. but to get there, the teams need to win tough qualifying matches. >> what would it mean to you guys to get to london? to compete in the olympics. afghan girls are known for oppression and poverty. if we go to the olympics, we can bring some pride to afghanistan to show the world we are not suppressed. the female fighters have few resources, but don't count them out. these girls punch above their waist. they're just back from an international competition where shabnan took home the first ever gold in afghanistan women's boxing. few afghans get to see the girls in action.
8:33 am
that's because watching the women fight is considered taboo in this deeply consrveive society. the girls have even faced death threats. under taliban rule, women were banned for playing sports. even the coach has been threatened for training them. >> it's a problem and -- but, you know, we are -- they want to compete and want to have achievement as country. but it carries the country's dark history with it. >> what is it like for you guys to train at a stadium where during the taliban rule women were executed right here? it's scary when you think about it, she says. at night, i don't want to walk around. it feels haunted. independent blood was spilled over here. those old ghosts remind them of their own death threats.
8:34 am
would you ever stop? >> no. never. >> reporter: the sisters say even if they don't get to go to the olympics, they hope the world knows the true fighting spirit of afghan women. when the taliban clamp down on women in the '90s, one woman in kabul managed to defy the odds and start her own company. >> author and journalist gayle lemmon tells this incredible woman's story in her book "the dressmaker of khair khana." >> welcome back. the women that you portray in your book are such strong characters. oftentimes when you read about and think about war-torn areas, frequently, the women were victims. was this surprising, then, for you to see such strong women? >> it was before i went. and then when you go and meet these women, you realize that, you know, they are so much more than victims to be pitied.
8:35 am
they're survivors to be respected. and all these girls i started meeting have these incredible stories about oh, yes, i did this during the taliban. a lot of these girls were the only people working in their family during the taliban. >> so this main character who defied the odds, tell me about her and how you found her. >> i was out one day and interviewing this entrepreneur. he sai i said, oh, tell me about your business. she was incredibly pesh. business is the future for afghans. at that point i was 30 and she was a couple years younger. she said it's even more important for women because money is power for women. earning an income earns respect. i said, how do you know this stuff? she said, oh, this is my third business. my first business was this dress making business i started under the taliban. that was an amazing business because we supported all these women in our neighborhood.
8:36 am
women came from all around looking for work and i spent the last couple of years reporting on it. >> and she's 27 or 28 and she's on her third business? >> that's right. and she was 19 at the time. >> when she started her first. >> that's right. during the taliban. and there were girls left at home and they had brothers and sisters counting on them. what's amazing to me is i have women from detroit who run organic cleaning solutions companies saying, if these girls can do it, then my business can get over the obstacles facing us here. >> and now there are so many organizations that focus on women because they're going to be the leaders in their community. >> it's really an economics question, right? people forget, this is about the same thing it is here, which is being able to feed your kids and do something better for the next generation. that's no different in afghanistan. when women get money in the household, they invest it in education, in nutrition, in all of these things that make for more secure communities. i think that's in everybody's
8:37 am
best interests. >> you spend a lot ooh time in afghanistan. you were pregnant, by the way, in afghanistan. >> i found out i was pregnant in afghanistan. i thought i had a parasite and the doctor said, well, you have one, but it doesn't go away. >> some have called them that at times. i kid. i kid. >> the withdrawal date 2014 is looming right now. >> that's right. >> that's scary to think about four? >> i think women are standing up now for themselves and speaking out. they were just at the bonn conference last week. they said, look, we want peace, but not at the time cost of our rights just to go to work and to go to school. what they're saying is just what you were saying, is that we're making for more stable communities, so why would you shut us out? a peace that leaves out women isn't peace, it's a deal and there's a difference. >> your book is required reading for a university of florida freshman next year. what do you want them to take away? >> i want them to take away what so many entrepreneurs and service men in this country have written me about, which is that
8:38 am
you can do anything you want to when you face obstacles and it's all about family and faith in the next generation. for these girls, there was so much stacked against them. right now during this recession -- that resinates with a lot of people. when you have moms that say, look, my family is counting on me. i'm going to go on ebay and do what i can to sell work and that's what these girls did. >> a lot of similarities. gayle lemmon, thank you for joining us. >> g thank you for having me. . >> a surprise move, former penn state football coach jerry sandusky waved a preliminary hearing scheduled for this morning. sandusky arrived at the courthouse this morning. at least five of the men who say sandusky sexually molested them were expected to testify. the case now moves towards a trial and we will keep you posted as that trial date gets closer. the army is investigating the deadly crash of two helicopters in washington state.
8:39 am
the incorporators were stationed near olympia. they went down last night in a training mission. four army men were killed. and a texas middle school reopens this morning after two students were shot and wounded apparently by hunters. in south texas, the school in edinburgh was closed down after shots rang out yet. one of the boys is critical and one is in stable condition. the investigators are questioning three hunters to see if the shooting was intentional or just an accident. lowes home improvement chain is standing by to pull its ad from a television reality series about muslims. the show was called a lightning rod for strong political views and said many other companies have withdrawn their ads. first lady michelle obama
8:40 am
and 300,265,000 of her closest friends now hold a world record. it's the record for the most people doing jumping jacks in a 24-hour period. mrs. obama and all right. if you're strugmanying to find the perfect holiday gift for the guy in your life, we're ready to help. >> hayden lynch, a editor of
8:41 am is here with some ideas, all of which you can get for less than $100. hayden, good morning. >> good morning. >> this is always tricky. if we're looking at things the, it's always tough to buy clothing, it seems like, but more are doing it these days? >> absolutely. if you look, ten years ago, about 6 5% of men were buying their own clothing. today it's 85%. and especially higher end fashion. they like getting jackets and suits. one of the things that we really like to do is to get them a custom button down shirt. you can go online, go to epic and you can do everything from choosing the fabric of the shirt to picking the cut to picking all kinds of details like the stitching and the buttons. this way, what you have is something that a guy can't buy for himself because you've made it from scratch. >> is it expensive?
8:42 am
>> only $75 to start. >> not so bad. also in terms of unique gifts, what kind of accessories do you recommend? >> watches are always very nice. i happen to enjoy this one. >> you would. >> i'm surprised you didn't say ties, by the way. >> we like to move on from that. so this is made entirely from recycled wood. so it's good for the green guy. you plant a tree every time you buy one. tells the time just like any other watch and it's a nice conversation piece. >> what is it called? >> with hewood. under $100. >> that's pretty cool. >> let's talk food. >> because you brought some. >> one of the things we like to do for guys is go to the of the month club. this is very much how we shop. of the month just shows up for you. there's jerky of the month, the hot sauce of the month. what we have here is the bacon of the month. >> bacon of the month? >> yeah. so this is from bacon you sign your guy up and he will
8:43 am
get a package filled with stuff like bacon salt. here we have some bacon brittle. >> that's in the middle? >> yeah. bacon flavored pancake mix and even bacon flavored coffee. this is really for the bacon freak. >> and what kind of money are you talking about? >> you're starting at around $20 to $50 a month depending on the packaging. >> so you could get at tleeft two or three months out of it for under $100. wine is huge, always has been. and it's kind of even coming back bigger this year. >> absolutely. i saw ra geenl na, she said the growth is 14% over the year. there's a lot of great value to be found in that. take a producer like oriel. these guys are out on the west coast. you can get a mixed package of these whines. they'll give you about a 50 pishs of a discount if you go for, say, a half case.
8:44 am
lots of great value. >> you talk about finding a gift to some of these gifts. >> yes. think outside the box. guys, when they shop, they buy things that they nationwide. you want to buy them something that they don't know they need. how about sports? why not get him a lesson from his favorite player. >> that has to kocht more than $ 00. >> you can get a pga tour pro to come and teach him how to up his links game for like $100. >> for like 12 minutes? >> no. he will do it a little longer than that. >> that's interesting. >> absolutely. you can get a world series of poker pro. personally, i signed up for a -- actually, a combination self-defense and boxing class, i signed up for three classes. i've done it for three years now. it gets your guy in shape, too. >> nice jumping. >> great ideas. >> you're pounding him there. >> no. you pay him to pound you. >> interesting.
8:45 am
hayden lynch,
8:46 am
♪ [ male announcer ] little owen wanted to play, but his nose was raw and sore. achoo! [ male announcer ] and common tissue made it burn even more. ♪ puffs plus lotion is more soothing than common tissue, and it delivers our most soothing lotion for every nose issue. a nose in need deserves puffs plus lotion indeed. to give your cold a comforting scent, try puffs plus lotion with the scent of vicks.
8:47 am
for 25 years, he has been making some of the most famous footwear in the business. >> "the early show" contributor katrina szish is here to fill us in. >> last year, he sore a majority stake to his jones group. we caught up with the designer known as the king of the red carpet. while he didn't confirm or deny the sale, at age 70, he shows no signs of slowing down or retiring anytime soon. what is it about ping-pong? >> concentration. >> is it the ultimate release for you? >> yeah. >> stress relief? >> yes. it let's out your anger. ooh, i didn't mean to -- did i hurt you? >> with that candidate, fierce
8:48 am
for his eye for a good shoe -- >> i want to know whether we're going to see a gray crocodile or a -- forget that. that's no good. >> my career was going to be in finance and business. >> so you never made it to wall street. i know that was a dream at one point. >> no, i didn't make it to wall street. but i've worked in my hobby. and i wouldn't change it now that i've done it. this is our number one pump. >> a graduate from the university of pennsylvania's renown warton school of business, weitzman ditched his degree and turned his hobby into a successful career. he currently sells more than 2 million pairs of shoes a year in 70 countries. >> this is a special 25th anniversary kind of modern update of your father's 1936 shoe. >> that's it. >> reporter: turns out, shoe making runs in weitzman's genes. >> i have my patent and his patent and i'm going to make a beautiful display of them both. >> my dad was a beautiful shoe
8:49 am
designer and my mom was a model. he used to dress her in these gorgeous shoes. she had a fabulous pair of high heels. it fascinated me, out how it didn't collapse. i didn't get it. that began my love affair with footwear. this stuff is unbelievable. >> at age 70, weitzman's love affair has spanned five decades. >> that's it. >> 25 years with the company that bears his name. >> right there. we called it sheer delight. this cuts get away so you have a scalloped throat line around your foot. boy, we should make that shoe again. >> i think you should. >> ba a shoe that was. when i began this business, i ban as a maker of bridal shoes. it was an opening. it was a niche. i went into it, started to make them and then evening shoes and party shoes. we still make bridal shoes as a big part of our business.
8:50 am
>> today with celebrities like halle berry, beyonce and angelina jolie wearing his shoes, he has become quite popular. >> laura made this shoe out of real diamonds, dubbed the million dollar scandal. and she was photographed as much as alley berry who won the award that year. and i saw the power of a fabulous shoe. everyone knew who stuart weitzman was. >> we have to fix that before it gets to the marketplace. >> i will never put a shoe in the line that is a compromise on fit. even if it's gorgeous. and if it's that gorgeous, we'll have to figure out another way to make it because i don't want to lose a beautiful idea. but it isn't going out there unless i'm pretty sure it's right. >> i want you you to see that. >> that legendary stuart
8:51 am
weitzman fit might not be possible without the help of one woman? >> you've been stoourtd's foot model for how many years? oh, come on. >> you can say it. >> 32 years. >> how many pairs of shoes do you think you've tried on? >> millions. millions. >> really? >> with her size 6 feet, barbara kreiger has walked in every stuart weitzman shoe two times before it hits the shelf. >> when you put on a shoe, how does it feel? >> like nothing, like there's nothing on your foot. just right. >> does this actually become a shoe, or no sfp. >> stuart weitzman, the shoemaker, continues to take pride in every shoe he makes. but stuart weitzman, the executive, may have had enough. last year, he gave up majority
8:52 am
control in his company. >> we're hearing by tend of next year, you may relinquish all shares to the fwrup. >> maybe. >> would that be your retirement? >> you retire from a job but but who retires from a hobby? i don't think anyone does. >> would you still be here day-to-day? would you still be sketching? >> come interview me a year from today and you'll find out the answer is yes, okay? there you go. >> sounds like even if he does sell the company, he plans on keeping a very active role. weitzman tells me he sketches about 1,000 designs every season and he's the only designer. >> that's unusual. but no men's shoes? no men's shoes. he told me, where is the fantasy in men's shoes? he wears them every day, but he said to design them, to create those sort of almost isn't rel la fantasy shoes, it doesn't
8:53 am
happen in men's shoes. >> katrina, thank you very much. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> that will do it for us. >>
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